Extentions and Renovations 2019

Are you in the process of sprucing up your home but you feel that you need more space to work on in order for it to be totally successful? Then perhaps it’s time for an extension project.

While making additions to your home is not that cheap, doing it today lets you enjoy a number of cool functional and aesthetically pleasing benefits in the long run. Not only will you and your family have more usable space, but you will also be able to add built-in style and design elements to your home.

So we have put together four brilliant extension ideas that will transform your home into something that is naturally attractive.

But before we proceed with the list, keep in mind that enlisting the services of a structural engineer from one of your local engineering companies is essential to ensure the structural integrity of all building elements involved in the extension project, especially when walls are involved.

Let’s begin.

  1. Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations

Nowadays, many people consider the kitchen as the heart of a home. After all, it is where the main occupants of a home congregate almost every single day, and it is typically where the sumptuous food that helps nourish our mind and body is prepared and consumed. So if you’re beginning to feel that your kitchen doesnt provide the space for this then their are some clever ideas.  Most popular is creating an open and seamless space between the inside of your home and outdoors adding an undercover alfresco dining area with easy access to the kitchen.

You can transform your kitchen in many other clever ways, such as by using a island bench as a divider, keeping the open space or consolidating storage space meticulously or unifying with a single decorating scheme to create the feeling of openness and space.

  1. Utilise Ceiling Space

Whether a room is small or large, it will feel more airy and amazing with tall ceilings. You can achieve tall ceilings during your extension project either by building up, or by digging down to reduce the floor level. And depending on the situation with your roofing, you have the option to select between several beautiful ceiling options, including vaulted ceilings. What’s even better about utilising your ceiling space is that it’s one of the cheapest ways to change the way a certain room feels.

  1. Build Two Storeys

Want to achieve maximum bang for the buck for your extension? Consider moving up by building two storeys instead of one. How does that help financially? Well, when you stretch over the more expensive elements of foundations and roofing over a large area, you will be able to reduce the average cost per square metre in a slightly significant way. Apart from that, adding a second level to a single storey structure may help boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, value and if you love your home and decorating as much as I do then this allows more decorating opportunities in the interior.

  1. Add a Sunroom

Extensions and renovations

What better way to make your home even more attractive than by adding in a naturally gorgeous permanent structure such as a sunroom? This is one of the most popular alternatives among homeowners who are looking to make small yet significant changes with an extension, because building a sunroom doesn’t require the same amount of effort and money as building another storey, but the aesthetic appeal it adds to both the inside and outside of a home is very huge. Additionally, a sunroom extension can help insulate a home.

In timber framing, both bearers and joists play a vital role alongside timber frames and trusses in the overall durability and quality of a structure.   Without considering their proper load distribution and deployment, any timber framing project is doomed to fail, which in turn can cause significant property damage.

What are bearers and joists?

Both common terms in building or renovation projects but what exactly are bearers and joists? This article will focus on what they are, why so important  and what they do, the examples we are going to use are for timber-related construction projects.

Let’s begin:

Bearers are large timber members that are connected directly to the posts in the ground and provide support for the flooring structure.

Joists are slightly smaller timber members that are placed on top of the bearers.

Once the bearers and joists are secured, a board floor is then attached across the top of the joists.

Floor Joists
Floor Joist, a board floor is then attached across the top of the joists.

The structure that the bearers and joists forms is the base for a floor level or deck which means the size of both bearers and joists must be engineered carefully to guarantee correct load distribution.  If a construction project should come with a second level, another structure consisting of the two should be installed as the base of the second floor.


Planning to remodel your small bathroom soon? Perhaps showing you a few examples of wonderful bathroom design ideas will help simplify your bathroom project by a little bit. After all, most homeowners struggle with the designing aspect of bathroom remodeling, so this list will most probably be really helpful for you. Let’s check them out.

1.Floating Sinks and Vanities

Floating sinks are a great way to give your small bathroom a more open feel to it and also to save tons of floor space. If you prefer to add an efficient kind of storage, then wall-mounted floating vanities will do the trick, as they can save floor space and add more storage at the same time. When it comes to their design, look for newer thin-edge sinks and narrow washbasin designs, the latter of which gives your small bathroom a larger washbasin that occupies lesser space.

2.Mirror Walls

Putting a mirror in your small bathroom that occupies an entire wall is an excellent way to enhance its look and feel. It is also a great way to increase the lighting in your small bathroom, as mirrors do a job in spreading light in interior spaces. If you want to amplify the effectiveness of a mirror wall, you should install it along one section of a narrow bathroom or above a vanity.

3.Accent Walls

Adding an accent wall is a wonderful way to add some style and color to your small bathroom, without overdoing it. In other words, it can increase the depth and interest in your bathroom without making it feel overwhelming to whoever sets foot in it. If you want to effectively pull off this technique, you should put the accent wall on the back wall, and either add color to a segment or its entirety.

4.Wall-mounted Toilets

By installing a wall-mounted toilet in your small bathroom, you will be able to save a decent amount of legroom and floor space. Other than that, wall-mounted toilets are not that common and have an elegant appearance, so adding a couple of them to your bathrooms will help give your comfort stations a sophisticated feel.

5.Pocket Doors

Small bathrooms that have in-swinging entry doors are a big waste of space. That is why you should consider replacing them with pocket doors, as the latter allows you to gain up to 9 square feet of space that you can utilize for various purposes. It also gives you more flexibility when it comes to the placement of your fixtures. For such a seemingly small change to your bathroom, adding in a pocket door is arguably the best small bathroom design idea when it comes to saving and creating usable space.