Interior designing can be a process that could involve spending money to pay for the consultation fee of a professional interior designer, as well as to buy any furnishings, accessories or materials needed for the project. However, done smartly it is not always necessary to shell out huge amounts of cash just to transform your space into something you like.

Some reputable interior designers have been kind enough to share tips on how to refresh an entire space without spending too much money – and sometimes with no spending necessary at all. From rugs to choosing the right colours…let’s take a look:

1. Select Bold Colors

One of the simplest ways to make something in your space stand out is through the use of bold colours. This technique is also an excellent way to give your home a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. If you want to get creative and come up with fresh ideas, you can always combine bold colours, mix different shades, and utilize different textures and patterns to make them pop even more.

2. Explore Different Layouts

Most designers say that moving around the furniture in your space to come up with a new layout can make a massive impact on your interior transformation efforts. Doing something simple such as putting a particular furnishing against a different wall is a simple, no-cost way to make a room feel fresh again. If rearranging your stuff in a single room doesn’t seem enough for you, you can also borrow items from other rooms.

3. Display Collections

Do you have a bunch of interesting stuff lying around your house? Well, you can use them to beautify your interior by simply displaying them as collections. Whether it’s a collection of old coins, a bunch of books, or something personal, they can work as supplementary pieces of décor in a room.

4. Put in Some Wallpaper

Adding some wallpaper in a room can immediately transform its look and feel. Depending on the design or pattern of your wallpaper, you can give your room either a formal or a chic atmosphere. This decorative element’s ability to do that is really impressive, especially considering that wallpapers are not that expensive to buy.

5. Get a New Area Rug

When people first enter a room, one of the very first things they are likely to see is your area rugs. This is because they are basically the pieces that ground the room. If you don’t have area rugs around your home, then you should immediately proceed to buy a couple of new ones. Area rugs have prices that range from very affordable to really expensive but don’t worry because it’s easy to find budget-friendly rugs that look great. Trying shopping online for even better value, sometimes up to 80% cheaper than in stores.

6. Blend Patterns

In the field of design, one of the main uses of patterns is to create focal points in a room. Interior designers typically use them for accent pieces, but they can also be blended to complement or accentuate existing décor. Whether it’s a bedroom, a bathroom, or a living room that features a variety of colours and patterns, they can work and interact beautifully despite having different physical attributes.


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