While so much is shared about what people can do with the interior of the home, doors, doorways and front entrances are often an afterthought or oversight despite being a key place to make a good design first impression.

The door lock itself is what keeps your home safe and secure and enable you to have the ability to have some interesting door styles and types for your home, we have put together a few of our favourites.

French Doors

There’s a reason why French doors are popular amongst homeowners – their splendid appearance gives them the remarkable ability to boost the aesthetic appeal of any type of home. But aside from that, people also choose French doors because of the other benefits it offers: durability, security, additional access, and lower heating bills, among others. This popular door style is capable of doing all of these because of its interesting design – which consists of one or two-door panels that have an intricate door handle and a collection of small glass panels. So if you have an old door that leads to your dining area, living room, outdoor garden, or patio – a French door is one of the best replacements for it.

  • Aluminium Doors

Does your home have a contemporary décor setting? Or are you planning to give it a contemporary theme in the near future? If so, you can never go wrong with aluminium doors. Thanks to the natural appearance of aluminium, this type of door is blessed with clean aesthetics and lightness – perfect for spaces that need to be lightened up or articulated. In addition to its sleek design elements, aluminium doors are also durable, more affordable than other popular door styles, and very easy to tidy up.

  • Dutch Doors

Do you have a pet? Does your home have a modern or country décor setting going on? Do you love deviating from the norm? If yes is your answer to all of these questions, then maybe a Dutch door is for you. This door type is made up of two different panels that are divided horizontally, which means you can open the upper part while keeping the bottom part closed, and vice versa. Because of its unusual yet clever design, you can do all sorts of stuff with the Dutch door, such as letting in more fresh air while keeping unwanted creatures out and letting your pets out without having to open the entire door. It’s an awesome replacement for an old front door or kitchen door.

Glass Doors
  • Glass Doors

Are you looking for something beautiful and energizing? Glass doors are the perfect option for you. Though glass doors are usually used for areas of the home where privacy isn’t that much of a concern, they can also be used for the front of your house. And depending on the type of glass used, glass front doors can provide security, privacy, insulation, or all of the above. They are also more expensive and harder to maintain than other doors.

Flush Door
  • Flush Doors

Characterised by its entirely smooth surface on both sides, flush doors are crafted from a single piece of wood and have a look that is oh-so pleasing to the eyes. Most flush door types are used as interior doors in homes, but there are some variants that can be used as exterior doors. Flush doors are a little bit pricier when compared to panel doors, but their sleek appearance makes them worth spending extra money on.

  • Pocket Doors

Looking to free up more space in a particular area in your home? Pocket doors are the answer. Unlike conventional hinged doors that swing to and from the room and are a wee bit demanding on space, pocket doors slide into a compartment inside the wall and enable you to maximise your space. Other than this practical feature, pocket doors are also blessed in terms of looks and boast a cool design feature that can both increase and complement the aesthetics of your space. They are generally used in bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, and home offices, and are available in single and double door variants.

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