Travelling Boom In India And The Way They Are Destroying Nature

Dear all. During the visit to Ladakh, I revisited the Pangong lake too. I was aghast. Tourists have reduced pangong lake into a mockery and joke. 3 idiot film is partly responsible for this. The idiotic stool, the blue drums and the Kareena Kapoor yellow scooter with the bridal dress. I saw young couples clicking photos on the stool, drum and scooter .No one was bothering to look at the lake. No doubt Ladakhis are very poor people and the resources are depleting fast and they need tourists to generate employment. Since most of you are Young, enthusiastic and educated, whenever you visit that place do try to be kind to the spots. Try to work out means as to how you can help them. Since I am an eye surgeon, I conducted an eye check up camp in Hanle and took medicines with me wherever I went and checked the eyes of all waiters and other people whom I met, even if they did not want to be checked and guided them. Then when we visited the 3 idiot School ,no one was interested in buying the souvenir. No one was interested in listening to the commentary. When the young guide took us through the guided tour no one was interested in listening to her. Everyone was keen to run to the wall of that building where Chatur urinated and click photos with them posing to urinate. How disgusting! I could see that the students were embarrassed and were finding it difficult to manage. The school has a lovely name Angel Lotus. Not the 3 idiot School. I am sorry, I got carried away. And please forgive me if I have crossed my limits. Forgive me for such a lengthy letter. You all are young people. You will definitely look into it and ask others too.

Bikers, identify your GLORY and please be ashamed.

  • Rock n Roll Riders – The world would like to see how you Rock and Roll while riding BIKE.
  • DNA RODS – There’s something Wrong with your DeoxyriboNucleic Acid.
  • METAL RIDERS – You’re previliged! the world is still riding bikes made out of Bamboo.
  • BOB – You sound like a pendulum
  • AIRBORNE RIDERS – Do you ever go flat?
  • THE MOTORCYCLIST – What’s your super power? world needs you.
  • IRON STALLIONS – You go find a museum.
  • SONS OF THUNDER – Who is Thunder? Please right your father’s full name else your application may get rejected.
  • ROYAL BIKERS – Your majesty, this board isn’t in your territory. Please be limited to ‘Sulabh Shauchalaya’.
  • FLYING TIGERS – You seem to be an extinct species. Do not advertise yourself otherwise even non flying tigers are being poached.
  • Not legible – Please address your GLORY.
  • BLUE MARLIN ADVENTURES – You’ve got the best marketing idea in the world. You shouldn’t be Ashamed (less).
  • DON (DUKES OF NAGPUR) – Noblemen of highest rank in stupidity.
  • DEVILS ON WHEELZ – Where is your production unit? I mean where you guys are manufactured?
  • BULLET BATTALION – Did you say BULLET BUT Alien?
  • BULLHEADZ – Did the supreme Court order you to go to Himalayas after Jallikattu Ban??
  • JAWA YEZDI CLUB – Veteran Bikers, all in the list have seem to follow you. You’re highly responsible
  • ADVENTURES OVERLAND – Excellent marketing idea! I bet, by now you must have got customers even from the remotest part of Atlantis.
  • RENOK ADVENTURES – How bout renaming to JOKE VANDALTURES??
  • TORQ (The yellow one just below the black sticker of Rock n Roll Riders) – Are you inspired by Physics or the movie? Sorry, Movie is all Computer Graphics and Physics. leave it.
  • THE ROADOGRAPHER (The one in red right below KUNJOM TOP KM 150 ALT) – Please Graph Roads else rename to BOARDOGRAPHER 

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